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I lost my father at the tender age of seven. Because my father was wealthy, it wasn’t until his death that I started seeing the other side of the life. All of my father’s friends and family members who constantly visited and strongly connected with us departed my family when he died. Some relatives even went as far as to take his properties after his death.

Life then became difficult, and feeding her six children from the meager salary she earned became difficult for my mother. We began selling off the things we had left just so we could eat. Eventually, we became people everyone looked down on.

I’m happy I can tell you about this only because my story has turned around and changed for the better. That poor ‘me’, who barely had enough to eat, would never have thought of moving near a computer let alone telling a story of how he rose from poverty to success. Now I’m a doctor and My journey to success started when I first heard about Virgin Tree Charity. Someone came to our school to tell us about a seminar. I learned to change my path. I was ready to learn. I came to Virgin Tree Charity. They accepted me in 2014. You’ve heard about the dead. And you’ve heard about the living dead. But the truth is, it’s hard to recognize the latter when you see them. The day you stop learning is the day you start dying. Now I’m a PhD student in Tehran university . I complied a lot of  science books.   

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