All of the society sectors  have the education right.
Let’s support superior elites to make them empowered.Isfahan virgin tree charity institution as a Non-profit and Non-governmental organization registered in 2003 in Companies Registration Office.

The main goal of this institution is support superior elites which have not enough financed resources to continue their education. ( this charity have 17 branches in different towns of Isfahan province) .The charity’s services geographical demonstration yields to identify elite students with no sufficient resources to continue education due to social passions or family problems and deliver them comprehensive support. These affairs reach to continue education by elites in high levels as master &PhD courses at famous universities in Iran other conteris.

Education is the definite right for all people.

Delivering financial, consultant and other types of aids to support needy superior elites towards continuing their education also utilizing realistic promotions to fundraise for stated elites and make the fulfilled.